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Japan was great. The first impression I got was: “oh my! it’s so clean!” The second was: “oh, it’s so clean!” And finally: “wow! Everything is clean". I wouldn’t want to live in Japan but for a short vacation, it’s fantastic.

Kyoto is very a historic town with many shrines and temples. Kiyomizutera temple and Heian shrine are both very majestic and well taken care of.

In Nara city at Tou Dai Ji temple, the friendly deers were very cute. The myth is that deers protect the gods, so the park protects the deers.

In Osaka, Dotombori, the street of gourmet, and Sinsaibasi, the main street, were hip and crowded. But my favorite site in Japan has to be Kobe for its breathtaking view, steep yet charming streets and marvelous harbor.

It's amazing how Japan has managed to blend and maintain the old and the new together. It seems that the traditional Japanese culture has found a way to proudly stroll along generation to generation, and come to terms with the western culture.

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wow....The country that I want to visit is Japan.
Japna is very interesting!because food very delicious and I would like to experience the street scenes.Other than these, there are many reasons but to me Japan is the most attractive country so I would like to travel to Japan.

by ahreum1434

The writing is expressed very factually.
I visited Japan in this vacation.
That place was the city which is Nagasaki.
Also that city is clean very. And the people is quite kind. But me the food was not a taste and used a hotel meal. However was the good experience because being the possibility of knowing a Japanese culture.

by Neakyunge

ID: Neakyunge2208

The I.D letter number will be restricted and the possibility which will write 2208 was not.

by Neakyunge

Ah-reum, yes, Japan is very interesting. I hope you can get the chance to travel there sometime soon!

by Bita

Nea-Kyung, I haven't been to Nagasaki yet. Is it near Hiroshima? Why did you decide to go to Nagasaki?

by Bita

Bita's mail Eliminates at real income.
The possibility to send once again will be?
I'm sorry

by Neakyunge

I have never been to japan but cause my father went there, I heard about japan a little.
Japan is so clean, for example,after use rest room japanase clean up there rest room for other person. In that point, I thought Japan is so kind and clear country. Compared with us, we also became better but still, I think, we need more effort. I think our citizen consciousness is some kind of low lavel...
I'm so regretful because even though Japan is very near country, I haven't been there.
So I want to travel there sooner or later.

by hana1822

I am going to travel Japan in summer vacation at my junior class. So I'm now working part-time in a rental library . My plan for a travel is Tokyo. But I think Osaka and Kyoto seems good after I read your travel writing. Because I am interested in Japan's history!

by shinhye

p.s) My id is shinhye20091741. But I can't sign up my id. Maybe my id is long.

by shinhye

I will go japan in this winter with my friend. I looking forward to going to the japan.@.@~!

by sskimhana

I will go japan in this winter with my friend. I looking forward to going to the japan.@.@~!

by sskimhana

I changed my ID 'hana1305' from 'sskimhana'. Above comments is mine:)

by sskimhana

I`m going to travel Tokyo,Japan in this summer vacation with my best friend. This travel is very happy memory for me. Because, My first abroad travel. Tokyo has unique atmosphere. Especially, Odaiba is very beautiful~! Odaiba is artificial island. Also, Disney SEA is very impression for me. I`m felt like the child`s mind. I wanna go there once more. ;)
p.s)My student number is 20091478.

by Hyejin1478

I want to go to the Japan. Japan is near the korea, but I can't go to the Japan. Because I have not money and time. If I had money, I could go to the Japan. I wish going Japan this year.

by hyoungsun

why don't want live in japan?
after i read account of your trip,
i want to go to japan.
japan is close from korea but i can't go to japan.

by 20091186

I have been to Kyoto and Dotombori in Osaka when January, 2007. Teacher and I may missed each other on the way.:-D
I felt Japan cleaned too. I'd like to visit again in Japan to written by teacher

by sumin1372

My roommate have lived Japan. She often tell me about Japan so I'm really interested in there. I knew in your text Japan peserves their traditional Japanese clture. I want to go there and experience it's clture next summer vacation.

by juryeong

I traveled JAPAN several years ago. And I goes Sinsaibasi, Nara too.
In deers park, I bought a souvenir that is deer cell phone ring.
I still have that, that is very small and cute.
In my opinion, JAPAN's product is delicate and product's quality is good.
It is a short time. But I am very impressive.
I would very much like to go JAPAN again.

by dayae1493

Why don't you want live in Japan?
Oh~ I want to go Japan.
I didn't know that Japan maiatain the old and new together.
I will go to Japan this winter vacation.

by Sujin Nam

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